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DDA Public Relations is the premier independent international entertainment public relations company, providing motion picture publicity and corporate media relations services for the worldwide entertainment industry.

From DDA offices in London, Los Angeles, and Melbourne as well as affiliates and associates in most other parts of the world, we offer a truly global reach for film and television producers and distributors. DDA Public Relations performs a wide spectrum of media relations, publicity and marketing tasks, either globally or targeted to specific international markets.

For 40 years, DDA Public Relations has proudly represented the independents – as well as the studios. Our long-term relationships with local distributors, filmmakers and producers are creative partnerships with proven results.

Covering its clients needs on both sides of the Atlantic, DDA Public Relations often starts on a project during the pre-production, even pre-financing, stage.

Working with the client, DDA Public Relations helps a strategic plan and timeline to evolve that is kept in line with the available budget. Whether for small independent films, large budget split-rights projects, or studio titles, DDA Public Relations identifies the target audience (the industry, territorial buys, exhibitors, media and/or the consumer) and develops a cost-effective and creative method of reaching them.